Expanded Community Malaysia's Photography Month

Lightbox Photo Library takes advantage of its nature as an educational photography platform to introduce the public to Southeast Asian photography culture, facilitate understanding between Taiwanese and Southeast Asian photographers, and cultivate global talents in organizations and communities.

For Malaysia Photography Month, Lightbox invited Jeffrey Lim, a Malaysian photographer with keen insight into local photography culture, and author/poet Bernice Chauly to serve as curators. The co-curators collected photography publications locally and selected 20 books by era and region. The books were then complemented with written introductions by the curators and introduced to the public at a book fair. An additional 100 books and 10 photography publications and zines produced by young Malaysian creators specifically for the book fair were also showcased, presenting the unique cultures of Malaysia through photography publications. During Photography Month, Lightbox hosted online lectures and a dedicated website for book introductions as well as information on Malaysia's geography, history, and ethnicity to ensure that the information can reach a wider scope of people, events, and objects regardless of time and geographical constraints. Curating the Photography Month allowed the Lightbox Team to strengthen its professional competencies in organizing international projects, thereby allowing talents in the community to shine and deepening the public's understanding of photography culture in Malaysia.

Lightbox Photo Library

Founded in 2016, Lightbox Photo Library is a non-profit, open, and public-facing photo library spotlighting Taiwanese photography. By collecting publications of Taiwanese photography, events, international exchanges, and resource sharing, Lightbox Photo Library also strives for public participation in constructing a photographic culture of Taiwan.

Jeffrey Lim

Jeffrey Lim is a Malaysian artist, cultural messenger, and social activist. In recent years, he has been exploring different forms of photography, urban investigation, and sketches of social landscapes. He is deeply intrigued by identities and the intersection of cultural legacies, using concepts of images, found objects, space, and interactions as his creative practices.

Bernice Chauly

Bernice Chauly is a Malaysian writer, poet, photographer, educator, curator, and highly active interdisciplinary artist. For over 20 years, she worked extensively teaching literature and creative writing. She served as the festival director for the George Town Literary Festival in Penang between 2011 to 2018 which was awarded The Literary Festival Award at the London Book Fair in 2018.