Nusantara in Future Tense The Workshop Project

With an overwhelming response to the co-produced works released at the end of 2019 in Singapore and Penang by the Nusantara Archive Project, the Project decided to collaborate with soft/WALL/studs in 2020 to explore contemporary practices of the Malay Archipelago. Twenty artists from different countries were recruited to join the workshop co-curated by independent curator Esther Lu and to ground their extent of locality and research topics in local areas through the exchange network.

After 2017, the NML platform started to cover Nusantara Archive Projects from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. After collaborating with the Open Contemporary Art Center for the “PETAMU” Project in 2018, the platform continued to develop art collectivism and reorganized the Nusantara Archive Projects of previous artists-in-residence by moving them from the archive of "spiritual cartography of former Volksgemeinschafts" to "shared history or decolonization" as it continued to archive resources for future creative works by Southeast Asian artists or researchers. The Nusantara in Future Tense: The Workshop Project was hosted through e-Potluck Parties, group discussions, focus workshops, and presentations on written proposals. Artists will rotate in and out of the residency program with their proposals to gradually realize a diverse future for maritime culture.

Digital Art Foundation

The Digital Art Foundation, founded in 2008, has been dedicated to facilitating development in the digital art industry, progressing software and hardware, and promoting digital art events to elevate digital art in society. The Foundation has consistently supported experimental art developments in Taiwan and is a founding partner of the "Nomansland" Residency & Nusantara Archive Project.

"Nomansland" Residency & Nusantara Archive Project

Founded by art critic Rikey Tenn Bun-Ki in May 2017, the NML Residency & Nusantara Archive Project is anchored around art residencies, cultural interpretation, and co-production. Collaborating with artists from Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Southern Thailand, and the Philippines, the Nusantara Archive Project experiments on the international exchanges rooted in co-production.


soft/WALL/studs (aka s/W/s) is a collaborative project in Singapore involving several artists, writers, filmmakers, art workers, and researchers. Their projects include exhibitions, acts of amplification, hosting, fugitivity, counter-rhythm generation, support, resource gathering, research, writing, detournement, game-making, teaching, collaboration, and maintenance.