TWINNING ARCHIPELAGO: 2021 Nusantara Archive Virtual A-I-R Program

The name of the project, “TWINNING ARCHIPELAGO”, depicts the isolating experience caused by the global confinement, which has significantly made all of us feel like living on a deserted island. In spite of the unbearable feeling of isolation, the name also suggests that we can work in collectivity, just like an archipelago formed by a large number of scattered islands.  

In 2020 when the world was paralysed by the pandemic, the Nusantara Archive had greatly bolstered the connection between art communities between Taiwan and Singapore with a specific focus on the Malay Peninsula. In the 2021 edition of TWINNING ARCHIPELAGO, the Nusantara Archive has expanded its interest to develop a topological imagination of archipelagos. 

Four groups of artists in residency included Li Kuei-Pi, Phuan Thai Meng, lololol ( Xia Lin  and Sheryl Cheung), Irwan Ahmett and Tita Salina, each of whom brought in their own interest and research. The following list shows the individual artists with projects they were involved in. 

The Great Shift |Lololol ( Xia Lin  and Sheryl Cheung)
Travel Weekend, Tonight ep2/ep3 |Li Kuei-pi 
Traveler, Route & Place(s)|Phuan Thai Meng
The Iron Placenta|Irwan Ahmett & Tita Salina

Artists used a wide range of media to develop and exhibit their works and the media included Google Earth, Navigator, Youtube, podcast, and the pamphlet of the Nusantara Archive. They also had the opportunity to talk to audiences in open studio events and colloquia arranged by the Nusantara. 

Digital Art Foundation

Established in 2008, the Digital Art Foundation has been helping the progression and development of the digital art industry in Taiwan. While assisting the country in working towards the digital society, it has significantly contributed to the building of digital infrastructure and popularization of digital art. The foundation played a decisive role in the establishment of  the NML Residency and Nusantara Archive Project.

NML Residency and Nusantara Archive Project

Started by Riley Tenn in May 2017, it is an international project inviting artists from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines to engage in numerous art experiments. With the Nusantara Archive serving as the alternative framework for the art co-production, the project is intended to create a coordinated process of interpreting and building culture.