The Co-Creation Project of Taiwan Contemporary Photography: Trans-Media Narrative and Southeast Asia as Method

In the workshops adopting the idea of trans-media narrative, image-makers explored and experimented together the nature and changing role of photography in the post-media age when the internet exercises a profound impact on aesthetics, culture, and society. Participants had the opportunity to consider their own practices by finding how visual texts, narration, and story-telling can continue to be amplified in the art of creating moving images. In addition to theoretical debates, portfolio reviews allowed Taiwanese image-makers to discuss with Southeast Asian professionals working in photography. The reviews helped strengthen their connections that transcend the confined borders and to get prepared for more collaborations after travel restrictions are removed. 


With the arrangement of the Lightbox Photo Library, 11 emerging Taiwanese image-makers tried to find out how trans-media experiments could revitalize the narrative potential of still images and even refresh the understanding of photographic aesthetics. In addition to showing new creative methods and the latest concepts, professionals working in the field of photography tutored these young artists while sharing their invaluable career experience. The tutors included Gwen Lee, Ha Dao, Ang Sona-Nian and Kurnia Yaumil Fajar. After the workshop, nine works were screened at Lightbox Photo Library,  five of which were selected and premiered in the Hong Kong International Photo Festival.

Lightbox Photo Library

Founded in 2016, the Lightbox Photo Library is a non-profit photography library based in Taiwan that is open to all. With its dedication to preserving, sharing, and advancing photographic perspectives and creative practices, the Lightbox strives for the values of intellectual freedom, cultural equity and resource sharing through various kinds of public programs and educational projects, with an aim to co-create a photographic culture.