The Diverse Paths of Indonesian Cultural Exchange Through “A Centenary Dialog”—— A Collaborative Project with the National Taiwan Museum

SEA plateaus develops cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary exchange talent through cooperation with the Education Department, National Taiwan Museum. Not only does the project include on-site implementation of activities, enabling the events to become an important stage for the Indonesian community in Taiwan to promote the culture of their home country, but it also serves as an important platform for Taiwanese people to learn about Indonesian arts and culture.

This project includes the collaboration with the Indonesian National Day Culture and Arts Festival (Indonesia Tempo Doeloe), the production of a special film on the Barong for the National Taiwan Museum’s A Centenary Dialog exhibition, and the collaboration with the Batik and Eco-print Festival. The aim is to discuss communication methods and ideas through the integration of events by the project. Through the process, the cultural exchange patterns of the migrant worker community can be observed to understand the challenges and details of cross-cultural communication, so that exhibitions and performances result in effective empowerment and extended benefits.


National Taiwan Museum

Established in 1908 when Taiwan was part of the Japanese Empire, the National Taiwan Museum is the oldest museum in this country. Its collections in natural history and anthropology enjoy a prestigious reputation here. Starting from 2014, the museum runs an engagement program targeting immigrants from Southeast Asia. Thanks to their language skills and cultural affinity with the targeted countries, immigrant volunteers can not only make Taiwanese history and culture more accessible to their compatriots but also help the museum enlarge the audience to broader groups.