Salihara Arts Center Exchange Program

SEA plateaus, in cooperation with Salihara Arts Center (Indonesia) and Fuzhou Dance Theater, have initiated an exchange and discussion on the potential of a collaborative program of bilateral artist exchange and arts residency. The exchange and discussion centered on the curating of art festivals, space operation, and community cooperation between Taiwan and Indonesia, as well as archive research and application.


Salihara Arts Center is an iconic private-run art center in Indonesia. Besides the visit to the art center, the project team also extended its reach to privately-operated dance festivals and organizations in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, and Surakarta on Java Island, Indonesia. Through this exchange project, the team conducted a survey and inventory of the current environment and development of contemporary dance in Indonesia, hoping to pave way to future exchange of creators, venue managers, and cultural researchers, as well as festivals, professional conferences, and academic activities.


Salihara Arts Center

Located in Jakarta, Indonesia, its predecessor was the Utan Kayu Community (KUK), founded by writers, intellectuals, and artists to defend freedom of thought and speech during the Suharto dictatorship through magazine publication. After the end of the Suharto regime, it continued to promote the arts in various forms, and in 2008, it moved to its current location and became a center for arts and culture, dedicated to the promotion of literature, film, architecture, philosophy, and performing arts.

Fuzhou Dance Theater

A new platform and residency program established in 2020 by the art director Chen Wu-Kang, director and operations manager Teng Yu-Fang, and producer Huang Wen, it aims to respond to and support the process of new contemporary dance creation and experimentation in Taiwan through diversified project proposal, venue and community collaboration, international exchanges and networking, as to continue to expand the definition and boundaries of what dance can be. Through cooperation with various venues, it provides resources like residency opportunities and rehearsal spaces for young choreographers, as well as assists in matching for collaboration opportunities with external performances and productions. In addition, experimental dance-related cross-disciplinary performances are planned, hoping to spark curiosity and imaginative ideas among dance professionals and audiences through a variety of curatorial possibilities.