Islands Dialogue: Keelung, Penang, Manila —— A Walk through the Imagination of Space-Time Relics


Using a city networks approach, this project explores the historical encounters of Keelung, Manila, and Penang, which gradually evolved into exchanges between the three cities. Islands Dialogue focuses on the preservation of urban cultural heritage and contemplates the role of artistic creativity in the revitalization and innovation of cultural resources. The project is curated by the Cultural Taiwan Foundation and the Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation, and involves the collaboration of film documentation, design, book selection, and curatorial teams.


Starting from the historical development of the Age of Discovery, the project explores the historical memories, material culture, colonization, and economic and trade networks among port cities over the past century. Through reading about and visiting the historic sites, the project aims to enter the space of these monuments to understand the cultural links between Taiwan and Southeast Asian countries and the challenges they face together. The exhibition is divided into four sub-themes: Island Navigation, Archaeology of Port Cities, Prayer for Sea Cities, and Island Co-Prosperity. The exhibition is titled “Islands Dialogue:  Keelung, Penang, Manila—A Walk through the Imagination of Space-Time Relics”. The exhibition will include lectures by experts from the three countries, historic site tours, book selection display, archaeological documentary screenings, and podcasts. It is hoped that together, we are able to figure out how to achieve creativity and value via sustainable development of historic spaces.


Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation (TAEF)

The Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation (TAEF) is the first policy-oriented think tank in Taiwan focusing on Southeast Asian and South Asian affairs. In the spirit of the New Southbound Policy, the goal of the TAEF is to promote comprehensive ties between Taiwan and the 10 ASEAN countries, 6 South Asian states, as well as Australia and New Zealand.

Have Fun Creative

Have Fun Creative spotlights exchange between Taiwan and Southeast Asia in art, culture, design, and cultural creatives. Hoping to facilitate an innovative economy that thrives alongside the natural environment, the team is adept with uncovering innovation from traditions, developing designs from craftsmanship, and discovering art within daily life.

Keilang Camino

Keilang Camino is a cultural guide team formed by a group of local youths in Keelung, Taiwan, with the core purpose of promoting Keelung and providing fascinating takes on local stories. They hope to bring more knowledge and joy to people through engaging tales of Keelung.