Næanả K̄hĕmthiṣ̄: Southeast Asia Exchange Professionals' Co-learning and Training Program

After two years of its overseas collaboration with art communities in Thailand and Vietnam, the Taipei Art Creator Trade Union organized a forum called Næanả (แนะนํ า). The forum contained three panels. With the participation of Thanom Chapakdee, critic and curator from Thailand, and Renan Laru-an, a member of the Philippine Contemporary Art Network (PCAN), the first discussion traced historically the shaping idea of solidarity in cultural movements and its surviving legacy. The second panel, touching on the artists’ communities, organizations, and action groups in Southeast Asia, invited Thai artist Thawiphat Praengoen to talk to Phuong Linh Nguyen from the Nhà Sàn Collective and both of them shared their viewpoint on the importance of collective actions for artists. In the last part of the forum, participants talked about the undeniable role that local communities play in the regional and global connections, since they were aware that the idea of being international is continually redefined. 

In this panel, the speakers included Jason Wee from the Grey Project of Singapore, Pearamon Tulavardhana from the Gallery Ver of Thailand, Nguyen Anh Tuan and Pham Ut Quyen from the Heritage Space of Vietnam. Prior to the forum, guest curator Ko Nien-Pu worked with the Union to organize a few sessions of collaborative learning focusing on modern history and art history as well as administrative issues of managing cultural exchanges. Should there be any readers who are curious about the methodological reflections on cultural exchanges and relevant training, a handbook based on this workshop and related events is available from the Union. 

Taipei Art Creator Trade Union

The Taipei Art Creator Trade Union was started, formed, and managed by cultural creators, with its founding aim of urging the government to recognize art practitioners as an occupation. With nearly a thousand of members working in different fields of art, the Union strives to advocate for art creator's rights, fundamental protection, and benefits.