Creative Scenarios in Exchange A Tai-Thai Urban and Community Development Exchange Project

In this international collaboration, the Bamboo Curtain Studio and SATARANA hosted a series of online discussions from May to November 2020. The discussions assessed the potential roles of creative communities in the urban development of Taipei and Bangkok, especially in the areas of city renewal, public spaces, cultural activities, and social welfare. The innovative and imaginative contributions of creative communities in these four areas are particularly highlighted in this research collaboration.

Over a period of six months the Bamboo Curtain Studio and SATARANA have explored how old districts can respond to economic and developmental pressures. They have also examined the formation of cultural spaces in Bangkok and Taipei respectively with a particular focus on the relationship between citizen actions and urban spaces. Issues of social care and support, especially those offered locally, were covered in the discussions and a considerable attention was paid to the prevention of discrimination during the pandemic. These two institutions have also noticed the emergence of grassroots cultural activities in these two cities and welcomed their long-term and sustainable development. In this collaborative project, the Bamboo Curtain Studio and SATARANA investigated cultural governance of Bangkok and Taipei between 1990 and 2020 and the distribution map was adopted as an important method in the studies. The research outcome is published by VISION THAI. In addition to organising physical events to enhance public awareness of the research, the project information is also available online in the hope to inspire new aspirants.

Bamboo Curtain Studio

Founded in 1995, the Bamboo Curtain Studio is an alternative space and art village with a strong belief in the social dynamics of art processes. Its principal objective is to encourage creative talents to engage with society through artistic actions. While helping them to organize exhibitions, conduct in-depth research, and participate in cultural exchanges beyond borders, the Bamboo Curtain Studio has displayed a strong commitment to promoting art and education as a solution to social and environmental issues.


SATARANA, with its dedication to build networks to mobilise the civil society in Bangkok, takes a grassroots and citizen-centric approach to create substantial and meaningful collaborations. It constructs a cooperative platform while encouraging space change in a systematic fashion. The organization is an open network that believes in the participatory processes and active interventions toward community and city resilience.