Puppet Friends from Southeast Asia: Virtual Festival

Over the years, the Lize Puppet Art Colony has been facilitating worldwide exchange programs. After its preliminary research on 15 puppet theater companies in Southeast Asia in 2020, the Colony not only shared its research online with the public audiences but also organized a virtual festival to continue the connectivity badly affected by the pandemic and the global confinement. In this virtual festival, the Myanmar Marionette Theatre, the Jin Fei Feng Puppet-Show Troupe (Taiwan), Fushion Wayang Kulit (Malaysia), the Teochew Puppet and Opera House (Malaysia) gave two demonstrations with after-event dialogues. Virtual performances and post-screening interviews were given by the Papermoon Puppet Theatre, Sutarath Sinnong, and Jae Sirikarn Bunjongtad. Moreover, Gaga Rizky from the Wayang Suket Indonesia was asked to give a workshop on making straw puppets. This virtual festival could not have succeeded without the utmost collaboration of 18 curators from 14 different countries and their virtual participation strengthened the link between organizations despite the physical separation.


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Lize Puppet Art Colony

As the first art colony in Taiwan dedicated to contemporary puppetry, the Lize Puppet Art Colony has attracted artists worldwide to visit and explore this art form. In addition to regular tours within the country and beyond, the Colony organizes a well-known festival locally while offering residency opportunities and other exchange programs.

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