Asian Puppet Art Creative Platform / Exploratory Research into Developments in SEA Puppet Art

For many years, the Lìzé Puppet Art Colony has been specializing in in-depth international exchanges on international puppet art. By organizing information and in-depth interviews, the Colony has built a network with Southeast Asian puppet groups and is paving the way for an Asian Puppet Creative Platform in the future.

The Lìzé Puppet Art Colony was founded with the explicit purpose of developing a creative platform of global perspectives for the puppet art that the Colony has been dedicated to researching. Based on past experiences of organizing international exchange programs, the Colony has devoted itself to organizing literature on the development of puppetry in Southeast Asia and has interviewed forteen puppet troupes across eight countries in Southeast Asia, collecting information and conducting online interviews. From the interviews, they've discovered that modern puppet troupes primarily focus on media for their creative practices while traditional puppet troupes, facing impact from modern society, attempt to develop innovative scripts or incorporate different languages or cultural elements from their local regions to close their gap with the audience. Yet all puppet troupes in Southeast Asia face the same globalized problems of insufficient funding, challenges with talent cultivation, and disappearing cultures. Given the same challenges, everyone recognizes the need for a puppet platform in Asia and has expressed wishes to do so. International alliances active across the global stage is now encouraged to facilitate puppet art exchanges between Taiwan and Southeast Asia and have further opened a door to the world for puppet art practitioners in Taiwan.

Lìzé Puppet Art Colony

Lìzé Puppet Art Colony is the very first art colony in Taiwan targeting contemporary puppetry and is a creative hub and training base for Taiwanese puppet artists. The regular programs taking place here include the Lìzé International Puppet Festival, bringing artists from other countries together through residency programs to co-create and perform at a deeper level.