Collecting the Forgotten Kingdom: a Point Cloud Project with Southeast Asian Migrant Workers

Taking place in the ASEAN Square, a shopping center popular to Southeast Asian immigrants in the Taichung metropolitan area, this project uses 3D scanners to connect migrants and students from Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Thanks to the democratization of the use of new technologies, the participants had the opportunity to extract cultural elements from everyday objects and life experiences taken for granted. 


With the assistance of the SEAT, Solid Memory recreated an architectural model of the ASEAN Square in a 3D virtual space after the point cloud, a technology capable of recording and processing depth information of the environment, was introduced in the project. The 3D technology was also used in engagement workshops, in which participants shared with each other objects they brought with them from their home countries. While getting familiar with machines and equipment, people with different nationalities were encouraged to talk about their migrant communities in Taiwan, the architectural and cultural significance of the ASEAN Square, and each person’s personal stories. From these close collaborations and dialogues, participants were able to have a deeper and bigger understanding of workers and students who come from somewhere else. As the ASEAN Square reflects the historical evolution of Taichung and shows the demographic change of this country, they believe this project was just an initial step. They hope more research about this shopping center will ensue.

Solid Memory Co. Ltd.

Solid Memory Co. Ltd. is the first company in Taiwan using high-resolution photogrammetric techniques. In addition to technical support in digital casting, wiring, and printing, the company, motivated by its team’s interest in the creative industry, has participated in many exhibitions and art projects in Taiwan and elsewhere.


Founded in 2016, the SEAT (South East Asia and Taiwan) is dedicated to promoting Southeast Asian culture in Taiwan. With their belief that immigrants should be granted an equal voice and position with the natives, the organization strives to bring down interethnic barriers and create the commonwealth for all.