Cultural Life Exchanging Project of Indonesian and Filipino Communities in Taiwan

In collaboration with artists, Thinkers' Studio approached Indonesian and Filipino communities in Zhongli District, Taoyuan and Taipei City by inviting Southeast Asian students and experts in Taiwan to carry out community exchange programs through fieldwork, real-life interaction, and music salons.

The Program spotlighted two major themes:Community Streaming & Pop Music. Chang Kang-Hua collaborated with fellow artist Al Bernard V. Garcia from the Philippines for community field research at Won Won Building, a popular site in Taipei for Filipino migrant workers to meet and gather. They also transcended geographical limits by collaborating with the Taoyuan Art and Culture Front for "Shampoo is Telling a Story" and the "Dining Car Project" where they interviewed mothers from Pontianak, Indonesia, and asked them to wash participant's hair as they engage in in-depth discussions. For the “Dining Car Project,” Doo Do leads international interns from the Taoyuan Art and Culture Front to initiate a cultural discourse between communities through food. The “Hito Music Talk - SEA Pop Music Salon” asks Southeast Asian students in Taiwan to share their experiences on pop music with Taiwan industry experts. The objective of this multi-event program is for communities to learn about and respect the diverse culture that coexists on this island.

Thinkers' Studio

Starting from 2013, the Dadaocheng-based Thinker's Studio started to explore the possibilities for interdisciplinary and cross-platform crossovers. The Studio aims to collect creative inspiration and artworks to ultimately transform into an exchange platform for folk artists and an integral actor in matching artists.

Taoyuan Art and Culture Front

The Taoyuan Art and Culture Front was founded in 2015 and has since continued to strive towards its mission of "Making Our Homes a Better Place." The Front rallies the small but significant influences of cultural groups, artists, independent bookstores, performing art troupes, live houses, and other art organizations with strong roots in Taoyuan to reinforce and strengthen the city’s art scene.

Chang Kang-Hua

Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, Chang Kang-Hua is now a freelance artist and core member of Co-coism. Chang's work spotlights the power dynamics between audience and performers; he also experiments with various dynamics & exhibition spaces.