How Do I Cross? + Do You Want to Come Over? - An Outreach Program of Empathy & Friction

The primary media for the Outreach Program are areas or landscapes in Kaohsiung that Southeast Asians frequent. The artist attempts to capture the humor from within to create opportunities and channels for SEA migrant workers, new immigrants and Taiwanese people to interact and get to know each other.

Based in Kaohsiung, C-Turtle Tactic has been visiting organizations, associations, and events dedicated to protecting the rights of new immigrants and migrant workers. The workshop aims to share resources and fulfill ideals for both parties. After obtaining feedback from new immigrants and migrant workers through focus group interviews, C-Turtle Tactic collaborated with The Embodiment Studio and Pukacaran (a tribal college in Pingtung County) to, respectively, organize a bodywork (meridian) workshop titled "Let Your Mom Loose!" for female immigrants, a symposium titled “Seeing the figure of Migration and Labor” and commission three migrant fishermen from Indonesia to guide visitors through the lives of Indonesian workers at Donggang Port. With a strong belief in facilitating conversations with minorities, C-Turtle Tactic also invited Draggy Boo Boo, an indigenous drag queen with experiences in gender equality movements and performing, and Mark Lester Reyes, a Filipino migrant worker and make-up/gown designer, for the "Draggy Boo Boo X Mark Lester Reyes: Beauty of Being Me" panel. Co-organized with Stranger Cooperation, the “Draggy Boo Boo X Mark Lester Reyes” panel became a cornerstone for outreach, exchanges, and resource sharing.

C-Turtle Tactic

C-Turtle Tactics refers to migration,play, and action. The studio attempts to relearn the land of Taiwan and engages in international and interdisciplinary collaborations to inject new life into local art environments.