Traditional Amis Kofaw (Kitchen) Project

The kofaw (kitchen) is the fundamental source and origin of the Amis way of life. By building a kofaw through traditional methods, mt.project combs through the cultural lineage of traditional architecture, traditional techniques, and functions to pass on the spiritual significance, ecological beliefs, and connection with the land through creative practices.

In continuation of its collaborative project with the 2019 Okinawa Yambaru Art Festival, mt.project seeks to extend the spirit of Austronesian cultures and lifestyles by launching the Traditional Amis Kofaw (kitchen) Project. By constructing and replicating a common domain in Amis life, mt.project explores how indigenous and contemporary cultures inextricably impact each other. Before building the kofaw, the team consulted with local elders on the evolution and construction of Amis kofaws and recorded the utensils, kitchenware, weaving styles, and Amis lexicon often found in the kofaw. The team then traveled into the mountains to gather natural materials such as rattans, thorny bamboos, and Pacific Island silvergrass and learned how to process them. Finally, mt.project proceeded to construct the kofaw representative of Amis lifestyle through traditional methods and then hosted a pakelang to thank the Amis people and the public for assisting in the build.


mt.project founded by curator Eva Lin, upholds the core values of cultural sustainability and sharing, and seeks opportunities of integration and breakthrough within diverse forms of art and practice. The team collaborates with creators across diverse domains in pursuit of hidden spirits and gaps in knowledge culture to expand the influences of art and the public.